Village Vettes Corvettes

Village Vettes Corvette Club, Located in The Villages, Florida, is a car club devoted entirely to the Chevrolet Corvette. There are two requirements to be a club member: (1) personal residence of each member must be in The Villages, an (2) each member must own a Corvette. Currently the club consists of 517 active members who own 332 Corvettes. The focus of the club in addition to social activities is the support of local charities, the largest of which is Toys for Tots where the members raised $25,600 and collected approximately 1,400 toys for the 2020 campaign.

The five club cars that are participating in the 2021 CFADA show are as follows (pictures attached):

1999 – C5, Torch Red coupe owned by Robert Navigato.
2011 – C6, Torch Red Grand Sport convertible owned by Lee Sampson.
2017 – C7, White Grand Sport convertible owned by Charlie Taylor.
2020 – C8, Torch Red Stingray owned by Thomas Swiers.
2021 – C8, Sebring Orange “Callaway Corvette” owned by Richard Udell.

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