The Benefits of Sponsorship

Why become a sponsor at the Auto Show?

There is a ton of value to be gained by becoming a sponsor at our auto show. Let’s look at the history of our auto show and then the benefits of sponsorship.


The Auto Show has been part of Central Florida’s fabric for over 45 years. What started in Disney’s backyard, has been a staple at the Orange County Convention Center for many years. Even Covid was unable to stop the Show.

Today, we are hosting the third generation of Central Floridians. The Auto Show is a true family event that has a love and admiration of auto technology. Here are 15 benefits of being a sponsor and 20 ways to do it.


    1. Increase branding and awareness and boost brand visibility.
    2. Increased credibility as a brand.
    3. Foster a positive reputation.
    4. Expand your reach.
    5. Engage with customers and potential customers.
    6. Educate auto show attendees about your company, your product, and your services.
    7. Showcase a service or product.
    8. Associate your business with a trusted brand.
    9. Gain direct access to your local customers.
    10. Amplify your content strategy.
    11. Generate social media traffic, web traffic, and foot traffic to your business.
    12. Build business relationships.
    13. Gain important insights.
    14. Establish brand authority.
    15. Build a platform for post-event interactions.


    1. Tickets.
    2. Program.
    3. Events.
    4. Social media posts.
    5. Radio/ TV ads.
    6. VIP Experience.
    7. Luxury Lounge.
    8. Kids Test Drive.
    9. EV Test Track.
    10. School and Career sections.
    11. Branded merchandise.
    12. Shuttle buses.
    13. Box Office computers.
    14. Audiovisual equipment.
    15. Badge holders/ wristbands.
    16. Banners.
    17. Award ceremonies.
    18. Tech Competition.
    19. Drinks and coffee breaks.
    20. Directional signage.

As you can see, the reach and depth of the Auto Show is huge. Contact us today to find out what the Auto Show can do for you.

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